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What’s that tapping on your bedroom window? Is something creeping up the stairs? Quick! Get into bed and dive under the duvet before it gets you. But don’t look at the shadows in the corner of the room – it could be a monster or a ghost! 

You do believe in ghosts, don’t you? 

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when the dead don’t cross over, or if they hang around to haunt Ouija boards, then this is the book for you. 

These thirteen, delightfully spooky tales take readers to where the worlds of the living and the dead blur. Stay at a summer camp you won’t ever forget. Visit houses where dead owners refuse to leave. Spend ghostly Christmases and grim Halloweens with the living and the not-so dearly departed. Travel up to the thirteenth floor, or hover hand-in-hand with Death above a misty graveyard. And when you’re finished, plunge into choppy waters, or spin off into space with your Earthling classmates.

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